Noun Phrases

A large white room. In the center of the room, a white cube. On the wooden cube, an abstract metal shape.

An open box made of wooden slats. An old matchbook, in the box. An old screwdriver, in the box. Three small screws, and a nail, in the box.

A table up against one wall of a silent cluttered room. A plate and a cup sitting on the table. A broken pencil, sitting on the table.

A pack of tarot cards, buried at the foot of a tree, near the edge of the woods. An old house, standing at the edge of the woods. A leaf, fallen from a tree near the old hour. An acorn, fallen from the same tree.

The stones spread on the driveway of the house. The cracked cement stairs leading down to the driveway. The cracked cement wall next to the driveway. The round holes in the cement wall, lined with red mortar. A chipmunk that lives in a hole in the cement wall.

A snake. A snake coiled around a stick. A snake coiled around an automatic weapon. A snake with one eye, coiled around an automatic weapon abandoned in a forgotten corner of the plaza.

Feelings of pleasant melancholy upon contemplating things in the past that bloomed and then faded all too soon.

A postage stamp. A post-it note. A roll of Scotch Brand Magic Transparent Tape. A pebble.

The sound made by your spoon in your half-empty coffee cup. The smell of coffee. Chlorogenic acid.

The City of Paris. La République française.

An apartment in Paris. The hallway door to an apartment in Paris. A metal plate on the hallway door to an apartment in Paris. The number 317.

A question about the speaker's experience with urban planning. The concept of truth. The title of the presentation. The speaker's hair. The color of the speaker's hair. The first page of the speaker's notes.

A cat sleeping in a box. A cat sleeping in the sun. A cat sleeping under a bed. A cat sleeping on a sofa. A cat sleeping on a rug. A cat sleeping on a hooked rug that depicts the story of the scorpion and the frog.

Books. Cows. A rabbit. A tablet. A rabbit-shaped tablet. Two cows. 3.9 million votes. Sweaters. Time. Motion. Long division. A table leg.

An analysis of the cultural consequences of the Muslim transformation of Constantinople. The United States Senate. Weblogs. Fear. Three sticks bound together with a length of vine. Rainbows.