TEN social media?

I realized that I'm on so many social media (“social media”) systems now, that I can't keep them all straight. So I set up a Link Tree (thus adding yet another system?) to hold pointers to them all. So far there appear to be ten (not including Link Tree): http://linktr.ee/ceoln . Let's list them as they are today, with brief commentary, just for fun!

Mastodon: Sort of my main hangout after fleeing Twitter (although I do still stray back there now and then). Mostly I boost stuff, sometimes comment, boost my PixelFed images (see below), and sometimes say random things there.

Pixelfed: Midjourney pictures! Mostly weird and/or surreal. I generate literally thousands of these (headed for that MJ 25,000 club soon), and post a teeny tiny fraction of the ones I love most. Entire essays could be written about the aesthetic, social, legal, and moral status of AI Art: as I say in my profile on Pixelfed, “I think AI Art is Art, and I also think that the rights of artists whose works are used in creating AI Art tools must be respected, and I hope we find a path that benefits everyone.” I've written various things about the legal / copyright status of things made with AI art tools on the ceoln weblog (see below also), but eventually I got bored of it. :) Copyright law (and practice) are such a mess, mere reason isn't enough to predict what might happen.

The main WordPress weblog: This is where “ceoln” originally comes from; it's short for “the Curvature of the Earth is Overwhelmed by Local Noise”, for no particular reason. I post stuff there, including my NaNoWriMo stories, random thoughts, and sometimes more organized sets of like Midjourney or Nightcafe pictures.

The Dale Innis weblog: A weblog, quiet sparsely updated lately, where I would talk about Second Life, Opensim, and other virtual worlds (i.e. World of Warcraft, heh heh) stuff, back when I kept that identity more separate from my real-world one.

Instagram: Mostly I post pictures of one building on 14th Street for no apparent reason. Also some graffiti and the occasional heartwarming cat picture or something.

The Beauty Of Our Weapons dot tumblr dot com: I created this a long time ago, mostly just reposting funny pictures or weird little things I did in Photoshop or whatever. More recently threw a few Midjourney images there because why not. Maybe tumblr will become the dominant social media site (again)!

u/ceoln on Reddit: I'm not all that active on reddit, but what the heck? :) I was active in like r/aidungeon for awhile, back before that burned down. And r/zen despite it being a perpetual trashfire.

Me on Friendica: Just playing with this so far; not sure how it differs from Mastodon, except that maybe its client is also an RSS/Atom reader?

me on WriteFreely: Right here! :) Not positive why, yet; experimenting with it as an WordPress alternative I spose.

me on Twitter: Under my Dale Innis identity again. I didn't realize how bad using Twitter made me feel, until I started using other things instead.

There should really be a “Preview” button for this UI. I wonder what this will look like once I publish it! :)