And when i say “messing with,” I don't mean I logged into them, I mean I hosted them, made mods and skins for them, and usually wasted important parts of my youth serving as a GM. Should the status quo stay unchanged, that means that Xbox 360 owners might be caught with commonplace DVD media until a minimum of the next console technology, circa 2010. And, obviously, just because a title is relegated to a number of discs does not imply that it cannot be a terrific game-simply take a look at Final Fantasy VII. Microsoft has already hinted that a future add-on may be developed to permit the 360 to handle high-def movies, however that the gadget could be unrelated to gaming. Being fanboys, we simply cannot 't be happy with an excellent gaming expertise like Grand Theft Auto IV when it is a multi-platform game and comparisons between a 360 and a PS3 model might be made. Grand Theft Auto 5 would not set limitations on how targets are completed, and that continues to be one of the series' greatest contributions to open-world games. While automakers are nonetheless negotiating with local and state governments to let autonomous automobiles test drive on open streets, one programmer has discovered a extra accessible proving floor to show AI find out how to be a motorist: Grand Theft Auto V. It isn't the primary time of us have used the sport to train their self-driving vehicles — however you can watch this one be taught in real-time on Twitch.