Cloudstream 3 Review

Cloudstream 3 is a FOSS (free and open source software) app on F-Droid for streaming movies, tv shows and anime. It uses different providers to get media. New providers are added all the time. It’s the successor to Cloudstream 2, which is no longer supported. It also supports Android TV .(it’s better than all those other sketchy apps like cinehub imo)


  3. Subtitles (can be downloaded too)
  4. Chromecast Support (only for some providers)
  5. Android TV Support

Github Repository: Download from F-Droid (izzyondroid repository): Download from Github (prereleases with new features also available; I personally use that and it’s super stable):

Cloudstream 3 Photo 1

Cloudstream 3 Photo 2

Cloudstream 3 Photo 3

Cloudstream 3 Photo 4

Cloudstream 3 Photo 5

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