On Group Study (Especially School)

I think group study is pointless, not even pointless, but it can be quite harmful, too. Some reasons:

Waste of Time

Yeah. I don't give a shit about other people. I want to improve my skills, only my own fucking skills. You want us to, for example, solve puzzles one by one? FUCK YOU THEN. I can do a lot better self-studying myself that way.

Chit-Chats & Distraction

I can't be in a classroom or something and don't talk to my friends and not get distracted. Actually I guess nobody can do it. If you don't get it and want me to fucking stare at your motherfucker whiteboard or stuff, FUCK YOU THEN.

Different Interests, Strengths & Weaknesses

Everyone has their own recipe, fucker. If you don't get it and want us all to study the same shitty section, FUCK YOU THEN.

Variable Emotions and Things at the Time

You know, it's motherfuckerly stupid to think that everyone is the same, emotionally, in your class or group of friends. I'm sad some days and I just don't feel like studying your lesson, fucker. If somebody else is feeling awesome at the same time, I don't fucking care! I just don't do well in the mornings. Why should I study every damn thing in the morning then? They call me lazy if I say that. Yeah! I. Am. Lazy. And you know what? As a lazy person (in the mornings), I prefer not to study your shits. In contrary, mornings might be kind of peak hours for some people. For me? Nah!

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