Why I Love Simple, Little Personal Weblogs?

Well, let me ask you a question: “Why shouldn't I love them?” There's no reason, but let's get out of this John Cage style and talk real shit and say why do I like them, then, I'll tell you which blogs do I follow through RSS feeds.

They're Simple

Y'know, no one likes a heavy, not easy-to-digest article. Most personal blogs are kind of “Big Ideas Simply Explained”. For example, see this post by BlackGNU. Good structure, simple words, nice formatting, etc.

They're Pure Personal Blogs

Whenever I read a personal blog post, I feel a close contact with the writer. I feel like I know them and now, I'm listening to them as a friend. This never happens to me when reading an official article.

They're Food to Though

Maybe because I feel a friendship with the writer, I don't just pass by the blog post. (I know that they might not even give a fuck about me reading the blog post, but this is just my feeling.) I read it, think through it, and even give a feedback. Sometimes I even don't trust the content and start searching. The reason I dare not trusting it is that I know that they are just like me, they can make mistakes just like me. This interaction between content and the reader is so powerful, especially when you criticize it.

These are some personal blogs I follow (This list surely changes over the course of time): – Luke Smith (Feed) – Ali Reza Hayati (Feed) – Mike Stone (Feed) – BlackGNU (Feed) – Michael Cardell Widerkrantz (Feed)

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