What Makes a Feminist, Really?

I see a lot of people nowadays who don't know what [real] feminism is and judge it just by seeing some people talking shits like: “Men must be destroyed”, “We don't need men in this world”, etc. Here, I wanna tell you what real feminism is and more importantly, what it is not? I didn't make these things up when I was drunk or something. These are generally from The Feminism Book – Big Ideas Simply Explained. (I added some things to make them more attractive. 😉

Recognizes the Patriarchy

The first step to treat a disease is to identify and admit it.

Seeks Gender Equality

Really, Why the fuck this inequality must exist? I mean, a completely unintended, random process of fertilization induces your gonosomes to be XY or XX in your fucking genome. Remember, that's completely unintended, and we all know that we must not make anyone different because of something that they have never wanted.

Believes Gender is Socially Conditioned

Hmm... When you force a giraffe to eat from short trees, it must adapt to it... the same scenario for genders.

Espouses Bodily Autonomy

As simple as: “This is non of your business how someone else uses their body.”

Challenges Misogyny

Not only a lot of people think that men are better, some people also think that women are fool (Yeah! pun intended to Ali.) or ... 😏 Think about it for a second. I know that you're laughing inside.

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