The mentality among the various prisoners who inhabit this server is that when you attain a particular block you possibly can begin to benefit from the ride until they handle to release a new prison block for people to strive to. Each block requires the player to succeed in a selected monetary worth for example the monetary hole between block D and block C are 20,000 in recreation dollars and so forth and so forth. Guards and wardens also have the ability to jail gamers (sending them to specific a part of map away from prison) detaining them for a specified time frame. Techge3ks has managed to create a Prison server that offers an experience that many look for on Minecraft. Our server is a minecraft server that just released 3 months ago from this message being despatched! We offer Factions,Prison,Skyblock and extra gamemodes being released on a regular basis. We provide a freerank to all those who would like to forestall the pay to play side of most different servers.