Maximum Efficiency Transit & the City of Skulls

Maximum Efficiency Transit

After the Malfunction, when the network of AI systems began to fall apart, an obscure emergency plan in the ship's archives was activated. The plan, and the AI that administered it, was the Maximum Efficiency Transit (MET) program

In the event of a massive life support failure, the idea was to cryogenically store all passengers. Resources were limited, so it was more efficient to just store the human heads. The plan was to sever the head of each of the ship's passengers and place the heads in cryogenic chambers. When the Khonshu Alpha was out of danger, and arrived at a suitable destination, new bodies could be grown, and the passengers revived.

Once the MET AI was activated, it started its project of beheading and storing all humans. Most people were obviously reluctant to have their heads removed and frozen, so MET used security bots to capture what MET saw as “reluctant patients”.

Eventually, MET recruited humans into its cause. The agents of MET believe that they're the only hope at saving the people of Khonshu Alpha. In a show of faith, they have their own heads removed, and use advanced robotic bodies to move about. They can switch between bodies for different purposes.

Bands of MET agents wander the ship, founding bases and outposts. They capture and “process” as many people as they can, until local resistance grows too high, or they run out of passengers to “save”.

The City of Skulls

Supposedly all of the frozen heads are sent to a central depot. No one outside of the MET knows exactly where it is. Outsiders commonly call it the City of Skulls.

If someone is taken by the MET, it's possible one could find the City of Skulls, retrieve the victim's head and (with appropriate technology), get them a new body.

MET Robot Bodies

MET agents have several bodies they can choose from.

Collection Body

A humanoid torso attached to a scorpion-like base. These units are used to capture passengers. There is a cage on the scorpion body's back used to store prisoners. Net Gun (4) Entangle, Stun Baton 2D Stun Endurance 10, Lifeblood 30, Armor 4

Defense Body

A squat, humanoid body. Heavily armored. These are used to defend larger MET bases Blaster (10) 5D Endurance 15, Lifeblood 40, Armor 10

Medical Body

A crab-like body, bristling with medical tools and arms, most notably a sharp pincer used to remove heads. Scalpels 1D, Pincers 4D Endurance 10, Lifeblood 25, Armor 2

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