The Bracelets of Khonshu Alpha

Many locations and facilities aboard the Khonshu Alpha are secured with electronic locks. They were usually opened with combinations of retinal, brainwave, and DNA scans of the original crew. As the crew are all long dead, access is only available with security bracelets.

The bracelets are small ribbons, that wrap around the user's wrist and are secured magnetically. They come in various colors, each indicating what level of access they provide.

Most AIs can determine the location of anyone wearing a bracelet, and receive basic biological information about the wearer (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) Most people are unaware of this feature.

Bracelets by Color

Yellow: Basic tourist access. Used to access maglevs, cornucopia machines, and recreational facilities.

Yellow Plus: Looks like a yellow bracelet, except with a light blue stripe. They were originally issued to passengers who had small children. Provides the ame access as yellow bracelets, but adds access to certain nurseries and playgrounds.

Orange: Assigned to lower level maintenance personnel. Can be used to command cleaning and repair robots, and enter most service areas.

Red: Generally assigned to security staff and emergency personnel. Allows the wearer to command all robots (except military), and enter weapons lockers, detention centers, and other high security areas.

Blue: Allows access to anything involving air locks or spacecraft. Usually assigned with another bracelet.

Indigo: Assigned to Engineering personnel. Allows access to ship's drives, life support, and virtually all systems.

Violet: Quite rare, only available to ship's command staff. Can be used to command any robot, enter any area, control any system. Supposedly the only way to enter Khonshu Alpha's bridge.


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