The Dim Forest

The Khonshu Alpha had several sources of food for its voyage. One of them was the Osiris Fungarium, a large dome (700 sq km) designed for the growing of fungi. It provided vast amounts of protein. It also served as a repository of various fungal species that would help colonize the worlds Khonshu Alpha was headed to.

After the Malfunction, the mycologists kept the fungarium growing as well as they could, but over the centuries the fungi have run riot, forming a strange ecosystem sometimes called The Dim Forest.

The science of Mycology has advanced tremendously over years, and they've been able to develop fungal tech to create weapons, medicines, and the ability to implant skills directly into the human brain.

The dome itself is lit from infrared lights on the dome ceiling. It is in perpetual twilight.

There is one functional maglev station making this level accessible. A small town called Substrate, or Spore City has formed within the station. Traders from across the ship come here to obtain fungal-derived food and medicines. Collectors and explorers use Substrate as a base to mount expeditions into the Dim Forest.

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