Week 1 – Maglev Station

The large metal doors, built into in the false mountain, are opened just wide enough for a single person to enter.

This is the entrance to the station for the ship-wide maglev network.

Factions, People, and Items

Children of Thoth: Sect of about 40 would-be scholars who have devoted themselves for the study of pre-Malfunction technology. They've come to this station to access the Info-globes in the VIP Lounge (#3)

They're not actively hostile, but will not risk their lives or their researches to assist players. They're not likely to share information unless the players help them in some way. Perhaps dealing with the Efficient Transit League, or recovering an artifact from the Lost Luggage chamber might win them over.

Most of them are clad in tattered yellow jumpsuits, with illegible patches. They have terrible digestive problems due their entirely pork-based diet.

Orvis Deep: Eldest and wisest of the Children of Thoth. He's given himself the title of Professor, and leads the group. He's blind, but can see using a large night-vision monocular.

Info-Globes: A silvery globe with a built-in chair. They were used as terminals to access public ship databases. With the corruption of Khonshu Alpha's networks, they are exceedingly difficult to use. They require a Computer 10+ roll to access. Any information retrieved will be fragmentary at best.

Map of MagLev station


1. Entry Hall: A long corridor lined with various 8m Art Deco statues of various Egyptian gods. There are flickering recessed lights in the ceiling.. Running down the center of the hall is a conveyor belt. It was originally designed for luggage. If anyone steps on the belt, it will activate, moving at a high speed down the hall into darkness.

2. Central Plaza: A large octagonal room. It's generally in darkness, but motion detectors will light up the room as soon as anyone enters. The walls are covered with flickering screens, flashing schedules for long departed trains, and a series of random images.

Any disturbance or noise in this room will attract 6 Children of Thoth guards from #3.

The conveyor belt leads to a shaft. Anyone still on the belt must make a DEX 8+ roll to avoid falling down a shaft to #8.

3. VIP Lounge: This is where the Children of Thoth have made their settlement. Crude tents have been set up here for sleeping. There are usually 30 Children of Thoth here at any given time. Due to their diet, this room smells terrible.

There's a functional restroom, that the Children use as a water supply.

One large tent contains the Library, a collection of scraps of paper where the Children record what they've been able to learn from the Info-Globes. Orvis Deep lives here. This tent is always guarded.

There are 3 functional Info-Globes here. Children of Thoth scholars working in shifts are constantly attempting to scour the ship's networks for any useful or interesting information.

4. Food Court: Originally a food court. The Children of Thoth have modified this area into a food production area. There are 20 clear cylindrical bio-vats used to grown cloned pork. The cloned pork looks like a Christmas tree made of pork chops. 3 Children of Thoth technicians monitor the machines at all times.

5. Grand Concourse: The main corridor connecting the train stations. Gold Art Deco patterns on the ceiling and walls.

The west side of the room ends at a double door. It's been locked with crude chains. 3 Children of Thoth stand guard.

6. Depowered Train Station: A platform of grey tile over a 3m drop to the maglev train track. There is no power in this room, and will be in darkness. The train tunnel extends into the pitch-black maglev tunnel system. This is how the the Children of Thoth arrived here, after wandering the Maglev tunnels for weeks.

7. Former Snack Bar: The doors to this room have been sealed shut. They can be forced open with a STR 8+ roll. The room has been infested with Mad Mold. The Children of Thoth have never tried to open the doors.

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