Week 2 – Luggage Handling

This area is immediately below the Central Plaza of the Maglev Station (#2). It usually accessed by someone falling or climbing down from #2

This area is almost entirely automated. Various robots examine anything falling down the luggage chute, process it, and store it.

The principal danger is from the various robots. There are “treasures” to be found in the Unlaimed Luggage (#10) and High Security(#11) areas.

There are hidden luggage corridors between the Luggage Return room (#13) and other areas of this level. Week 2 Map

8. Entrance Shaft: A circular chamber with a rotating platform in the middle, and a conveyor belt leads south to #9. Anything falling from above will take 2D damage when it hits the platform. Anyone on the platform can make a DEX 8+ roll to jump off before the conveyor belt takes them to #9.

9. Luggage Handling: The luggage conveyor belt continues down this corridor. Anything on the belt will be prodded and probed by three robot arms. Treat this as an attack, if there's a person on the belt. There are four arms, so there will be four attacks.

Anyone on the belt can make a DEX 8+ roll to jump off before the arms attack.

There is a Mark I security bot on guard here. It will ignore anyone in this room, unless they try to interfere with the belt, or the robot arms.

If the security bot goes below 5 lifeblood, it will summon reinforcements from #13

After the robot arms, the belt splits into two tracks. Anything that is actual luggage will be sent to #14, everything else will be sent to Unclaimed Luggage (#10)

10. Unclaimed Luggage: Anything that cannot be identified by the robot luggage handlers in #9 will be sent here. Robot luggage spiders have sorted centuries of junk and detritus into several neat piles. The robot spiders (12 in all) cling to the walls until needed.

2 Mark I Security bots guard the doors to the High-Security area (#11).

If a player searches through the piles of junk for a half-hour, they can roll on the Junk Table to find a useful item. For every half hour, there's a 1 in 6 chance one of the security bot tries to question and detain them.

11. High-Security Area: If the robot spiders in #10 find anything dangerous or valuable, they store it here. The security bots that guard this room can only be bypassed with a blue or better bracelet, and the door can only be opened with a red bracelet or with a STR 10+ roll.

The following items can be found inside.

3 Stun-gas grenades 5 Auto Pistols 10 20-round magazine for Auto Pistol 1 Shotgun with 10 rounds Fusion Torch Cutter Tactical Armor Stun Baton (5) 10 knives 4 red bracelets 1 orange bracelet

12. Luggage Return: The conveyor belt brings any authorized luggage to this area. There hasn't been any authorized luggage in centuries.

A long defunct luggage robot stands here motionless. There are 4 small hatches, numbered 1 to 4. Each opens to a small shaft leading to one of the maglev stations above. They were intended to transport luggage, but a human-sized creature could crawl through them.

1 – goes to #18 2 – goes to #16 3 – goes to #6 4 – goes to ?

13 Robot Depot: There are rows of security, luggage spider, and repair and maintenance bots parked in neat rows. Other robots on this level can call upon them for reinforcements, if needed.

14 Robot Repair: A mechanical workshop, filled with gadgets and tools. There are two repair robots here designed to repair any robots that enter. Unfortunately their programming has corrupted over the years, and they will attempt to “repair” anything that enters. Treat as an attack

There's a tools locker with various tools: 2 Power drill 4 Flashlight 4 Fusion Torch Cutters 10 fuel cells

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Junk Table

roll d66

11 Maintenance Jumpsuit 12 Sunglasses 13 Leash 14 Night Vision monocle 15 Magnetic Boots 16 Helmet 21 Rope (3m) 22 Puzzle Box 23 Map of Recreation Level 24 Flashlight 25 Multitool 26 Medi-pak 31 Neuro-Pak 32 CBW suit 33 Fire Extinguisher 34 Yellow Access Bracelet 35 Motion Detector 36 Holographic Travel Guide (in a ring) 41 Bioscanner 42 Geiger Counter 43 Freeze Dried Rations 44 Chameleon Cloak 45 Shovel 46 Crowbar 51 Musical Instrument 52 Backpack 53 Autograpnel 54 Skateboard 55 Microtent (Sleeps 4) 56 Binoculars 61 Communicator 62 Electronics Kit 63 Fuel Cells (pack of 6) 64 Gas Mask 65 UV Sterilizer 66 Duct Tape

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