In 2002, Blizzard issued a DMCA takedown to bnetd's web service provider, and the lawsuits soon followed. While the amount of money we're speaking about is arguably relatively small compared to the money-cow that Blizzard is milking proper now, nobody is denying it's unimportant. Blizzard might shut down servers, however once one goes down, another ones all of the sudden appears and you'll always discover better and newer options. I would appreciate any insights or recommendation you may need. He additionally should by no means have ignored your characters. The breaking point got here when he put me on ignore on all of his characters because he's nonetheless upset about that fateful dungeon run. She says she nonetheless needs to group with me but every time we plan to do anything she tries to convey Zed so I end up leaving and she spends the remainder of the evening with Zed. I admire your buddy for her loyalty to you, but think that she ought to have let you go the primary time you gquit. She has kept you in the guild and befriended you although you may have treated her and her guild terribly.