About Nathan Borson

This is not my main space. Go here to learn about me: * Medium is my main public presence. I've pinned an “about me” article there for the curious. * I think the Fediverse is going to be my main home for social networking. * @[email protected] is associated with my Medium account. I'm treating it as my “global” or most “public” Fediverse presence. * @[email protected] is more “local,” where I hang with fellow Alaskans, but also participate in the larger Fediverse most informally. * This WriteFreely account, @[email protected], is an experimental blogging space, where I can post miscellaneous writings that are neither short enough for a “toot” or Facebook post, nor the sort of polished work for a broad audience that I might flog on Medium. * I sometimes check Facebook * I have a profile on LinkedIn. I hardly ever go there.

Nathan Borson @[email protected]