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Actions, workshops & concerts | Ações, oficinas e espetáculos

[ENG] I have created different projects along the way, mostly artistic ones and a few cultural actions aiming “cultural guerilla” or educational purposes. The major part of these projects are no more, some are on hold; but some of them still active as well their activities – concerts & workshops.

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ÁSPERO – instrumental narratives


[ENG] Outlandish melodies for tales about peoples from nowhere.

This is a experimental and, somehow, obscure artistic proposition. ÁSPERO is a mismatch for most expectations on brazilian popular music, on folk music – and maybe on world music. As you should have noticed, this is a exploration on boundaries traditions of peoples from nowhere (and from many places).

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About me | Sobre mim


[ENG] ... a weird artist, a neurodivergent, a professor and brazilian ten string guitar player.

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