It does not matter the WoW Player, all of us play for our own reasons, but they are our personal “selfish” reasons. Are you a raider? Are you a Goblin who performs the Public sale Home? Not solely that, however using a knockback also places DPS at a disadvantage — each melee and ranged who use focused AOEs. Do you give away your career crafting as charity (I have someone on my server who principally does this)/ You are not stimulating, but you're encouraging different to stimulate the financial system (I think there is a self-interested argument to be made here, however it's more durable). One other reason I might say the economy doesn't bloat is that we've an enormous quantity of people hoarding it. Because of the leak in an already volatile economic system and business, will folks have to be let go due to the prices of the leaks? To make a long story brief (too late), I do not think the economy is overbloating too fast. On bad days, I may solely make 2000 gold price of sales in the AH. Coca Cola, arguably the primary guild on Proudmoore, we hear, is closing up shop, after their leader kicked all the guild's members and took all the gbank (24K in gold and one other 2K in items).