A quick intro to Blorbo.Social and Mastodon

Are you thinking of joining Blorbo.Social, or have just joined us? This page is for you.

The bare minimum

Here's the bare minimum you need to know before you start.

Blorbo.Social is a fandom-focused social community of people with a common interest: fandom. On Blorbo.Social, you can post anything you like (not just fandom stuff), as long as it follows our rules.

Blorbo.Social runs on a platform called Mastodon. There are thousands of Mastodon instances (sometimes called servers) with their own rules, communities and moderation practices. Mastodon instances are (usually) part of a broader network called the Fediverse (more about that another time). You can find, follow and interact with people all over the Fediverse from your Blorbo.Social account.

How to join us

If a friend already on Blorbo.Social has invited you to join us, follow the link they gave you. If not, go to our signup page.

Review our server rules. If you are happy to comply with our rules, click Accept.

Enter the requested information.

If you haven't been invited by an existing member, you'll need to tell us why you want to join Blorbo.Social. (This is mostly to stop spammers and bots from signing up.) As long as you mention something about your fandoms or your blorbos, we're pretty likely to approve your application.

You'll receive a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to confirm and activate your account.

You're in! Go forth and explore.

What to do first

How you set up and use your account is up to you. Here are some things that most people do when they first get started:

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