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Hello everyone! This is Tabby, one of the mods for Blorbo, and the primary person for technical support on the team! I'll hold back on my fandoms for today, though if you look at my profile it should be pretty clear what kind of person I am LOL.

For a little background: I work in software development currently, though the bulk of my career so far has been in web development. Outside of work, I like messing around with websites anyway so I like to think I have a pretty decent understanding of how these things work.. But even when I don't, I like to learn, which is how I volunteered for Blorbo in the first place!

So: Onto the adventures of what knocked Blorbo offline in the first place, and why it took TWO DAYS to get it back up.


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The bare minimum

Here's the bare minimum you need to know before you start.

Blorbo.Social is a fandom-focused social community of people with a common interest: fandom. On Blorbo.Social, you can post anything you like (not just fandom stuff), as long as it follows our rules.


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