Partisan Accounts of the George Floyd Uprising

There are those who would have us believe that the most important legacy of the police killing of George Floyd is a “civil rights movement”, a coalition aimed at progressive change within society & its institutions. On the other hand, there are those whose greatest inspiration was the crowds of people who, four years ago this week, were instead directly attacking the U.S. property regime & its defenders.

The reformist camp, with the assistance of mass media, has tried to emphasize “peaceful protests”. Their historical narratives ignore or downplay the scale of torched police cars, ransacked stores, besieged government buildings, & general uncontrollability. At times, they openly lie about those events; too often, the stories they tell go unchallenged.

Below is a collection of personal accounts of the uprising that swept the imperial core, permanently decommissioning a police station. While they don't necessarily share a common analysis, all of them come from people who entered the streets not as observers, but participants. They tell the truths liberal-progressive reformers don't want to acknowledge.

This collection cannot be & does not aim to be “complete”. Rather than the final word on what really happened, it should be used as a tool to carry anti-state struggles forward, pushback against U.S. efforts to memory hole the largest popular revolt within its borders in the 21st century. Maybe their gaps & unanswered questions will spur you to tell your own stories, anonymously or pseudonymously. Because there's so much more to be said & done...

Lastly & crucially, the Support Defendants & Prisoners From the George Floyd Uprisings website includes some personal stories of people incarcerated by the U.S. government's long counterinsurgency campaign.

Nada ha acabado. Todo continúa.