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Typing Non-Sense...

Well, let me ask you a question: “Why shouldn't I love them?” There's no reason, but let's get out of this John Cage style and talk real shit and say why do I like them, then, I'll tell you which blogs do I follow through RSS feeds.

They're Simple

Y'know, no one likes a heavy, not easy-to-digest article. Most personal blogs are kind of “Big Ideas Simply Explained”. For example, see this post by BlackGNU. Good structure, simple words, nice formatting, etc.

They're Pure Personal Blogs

Whenever I read a personal blog post, I feel a close contact with the writer. I feel like I know them and now, I'm listening to them as a friend. This never happens to me when reading an official article.

They're Food to Though

Maybe because I feel a friendship with the writer, I don't just pass by the blog post. (I know that they might not even give a fuck about me reading the blog post, but this is just my feeling.) I read it, think through it, and even give a feedback. Sometimes I even don't trust the content and start searching. The reason I dare not trusting it is that I know that they are just like me, they can make mistakes just like me. This interaction between content and the reader is so powerful, especially when you criticize it.

These are some personal blogs I follow (This list surely changes over the course of time): – Luke Smith (Feed) – Ali Reza Hayati (Feed) – Mike Stone (Feed) – BlackGNU (Feed) – Michael Cardell Widerkrantz (Feed)

Me in Fediverse

I see a lot of people nowadays who don't know what [real] feminism is and judge it just by seeing some people talking shits like: “Men must be destroyed”, “We don't need men in this world”, etc. Here, I wanna tell you what real feminism is and more importantly, what it is not? I didn't make these things up when I was drunk or something. These are generally from The Feminism Book – Big Ideas Simply Explained. (I added some things to make them more attractive. 😉

Recognizes the Patriarchy

The first step to treat a disease is to identify and admit it.

Seeks Gender Equality

Really, Why the fuck this inequality must exist? I mean, a completely unintended, random process of fertilization induces your gonosomes to be XY or XX in your fucking genome. Remember, that's completely unintended, and we all know that we must not make anyone different because of something that they have never wanted.

Believes Gender is Socially Conditioned

Hmm... When you force a giraffe to eat from short trees, it must adapt to it... the same scenario for genders.

Espouses Bodily Autonomy

As simple as: “This is non of your business how someone else uses their body.”

Challenges Misogyny

Not only a lot of people think that men are better, some people also think that women are fool (Yeah! pun intended to Ali.) or ... 😏 Think about it for a second. I know that you're laughing inside.

Me in Fediverse

I think group study is pointless, not even pointless, but it can be quite harmful, too. Some reasons:

Waste of Time

Yeah. I don't give a shit about other people. I want to improve my skills, only my own fucking skills. You want us to, for example, solve puzzles one by one? FUCK YOU THEN. I can do a lot better self-studying myself that way.

Chit-Chats & Distraction

I can't be in a classroom or something and don't talk to my friends and not get distracted. Actually I guess nobody can do it. If you don't get it and want me to fucking stare at your motherfucker whiteboard or stuff, FUCK YOU THEN.

Different Interests, Strengths & Weaknesses

Everyone has their own recipe, fucker. If you don't get it and want us all to study the same shitty section, FUCK YOU THEN.

Variable Emotions and Things at the Time

You know, it's motherfuckerly stupid to think that everyone is the same, emotionally, in your class or group of friends. I'm sad some days and I just don't feel like studying your lesson, fucker. If somebody else is feeling awesome at the same time, I don't fucking care! I just don't do well in the mornings. Why should I study every damn thing in the morning then? They call me lazy if I say that. Yeah! I. Am. Lazy. And you know what? As a lazy person (in the mornings), I prefer not to study your shits. In contrary, mornings might be kind of peak hours for some people. For me? Nah!

Me in Fediverse

Actually I created this word myself. 😄 I don't know what they call it in psychology or stuff. So, without further ado, let's start our journey.

What the hell is it?

Let me give you an example: You know some pianist and you hate them, as if you see someone talking good shit about them, you punch them in the face. 😡👊 You're invited to a party and you hear (not see) someone playing piano very peacefully, and you love it and start telling everyone your feelings about it. 🥰 Suddenly, you see the pianist. “Oh my fucking God, the guy I hated!”, you say. 👺 Now, you start telling everyone that he's playing awfully and motherfuckerly bad. That's weird, right? 😒 I call it Charachter-Specific Judgement. I was facing this problem every single day. I hate math, because my teacher is an asshole. I hate Mr. XYZ and won't listen to his speeches, because he is a radical Muslim, etc.

How to fix it?

I'm not that much in religion or stuff (kinda against it actually ❌ ), but I love this hadith by Imam Ali: “Look at what he said, and don't look at who said it.” This is THE SOLUTION. Spread the word and live a happy, non-radical life. 💛

Me in Fediverse