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Palestinians say Microsoft unfairly closing their accounts Palestinians living abroad have accused Microsoft of closing their email accounts without warning — cutting them off from crucial online services.

Dance, dance evolution What, exactly, is dance for? A toe-tapping animation explores why we evolved to move together – and why it feels so good]

Brain neurotransmitter receptor antagonist found to prevent opioid addiction in mice UCLA Health study shows that insomnia drug prevents opioid addiction in mice at opioid doses that provide potent pain relief

Google creates self-replicating life from digital 'primordial soup' A digital “primordial soup” with no rules or direction can lead to the emergence of self-replicating artificial life forms, in an experiment that may hint at how biological life began on Earth

Poor students perform worse on math questions about money and food, study shows A recent large-scale study involving over 5 million students from 58 countries examined whether the content of math test questions could unintentionally disadvantage students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The study found that math problems related to money, food, and social interactions, which were assumed to be more relatable for low socioeconomic status students, actually hindered their performance compared to students from higher socioeconomic backgrounds. (DOI)

Schadenfreude: why do we find joy in the pain felt by others? A brief history of schadenfreude – taking pleasure in the misfortune of another – from ancient China to Charlie Chaplin

Correcting some common misrepresentations of evolution in textbooks and the media The aim of this paper is to produce a template for a more logical, historically and scientifically correct treatment of evolutionary terms and concepts.

Why cats meow at humans more than each other Originally, cats were solitary creatures. This means they preferred to live and hunt alone, rather than in groups. Most of their social behaviour was restricted to mother-kitten interactions. Outside of this relationship, cats rarely meow at each other. However, as cats began to live alongside humans, these vocalisations took on new meanings. In many ways, when a cat meows at us, it’s as if they see us as their caregivers, much like their feline mothers.

What is mitochondrial donation? And how might it help people have a healthy baby one day? After a law to allow mitochondrial donation in Australia was passed in 2022, scientists are now preparing for a clinical trial to see if mitochondrial donation is safe and works.