What RPG system will Khonshu Alpha use?

I've gone back and forth about what system I want to use for my Khonshu Alpha #Dungeon23 project. I discussed my options in a previous post.

After giving it some thought, I've decided to go with the Traveller option. Specifically the open version – the Cepheus Engine. I've been a big fan of this system for a while, and I've been promoting it as an option for OSR designers.

I decided that the simple 2d6, skill-based system is a much better fit for my sci-fi setting. The usual OSR mechanics like classes & levels seem like they'd just get in the way.

Since Cepheus is under a OGL license, I can include the basic rules in the final product (if there is one).

Rules Modifications

I'll probably make a few changes to the rules for this setting.

I'm not sure I'll need the somewhat complex career system for characters. I'm assuming the players will be starting out as Greenskeepers, so they'll have some base skills, and I'll give them a few points to buy some.

I'll also have custom list of Traits to match the setting.

As the players explore the ship, they'll probably get a chance to modify themselves (possibly unwillingly) with cybernetic and biological enhancements. I'll have to make my own list of these as well.

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