A first

For everything there is a first time. So here is my first post on a federated blog. I must warn, I do not have much experience with blogging. And English is not my native language. So this is going to be al lot of trial and error.

At my work I am good with words. In private not so much... or not that many. Micro blogging suits me better. Have been active on Twitter from 2009 to the end of October. Now I enjoy Mastodon.coffee. The only blog I have is travel diary at wordpress.com.

I am not sure how I am going to use this blog. I think it will be about nature and birding. Since 2019 I pay more attention to birds, slowly learning the recognize the species. And trying to capture them with my camera.

Of course I will share photos, but I notice those cannot be hosted here. Instead I will link to photos on pixelfed.social.

Young Common Wood Pigeon

And off we go.

PS: I like the simple interface.. just have to learn the codes