Terribly horrible... me

#poem #thougts #racism

You see the news, it's terrible, horrible. It gives you the blues, it's terrible, horrible. The racism hurts, it's terrible, horrible. You yell and you curse; it's terrible, horrible.

But they don't attack you, it's still terrible. They look just like you, it's horrible. Bad words were thrown, Almost unforgivable.

You think for yourself, this is terrible, horrible. I admired them so! It's terrible, horrible. But I couldn't do that, it's terrible, horrible! You curse and you bay; it's terrible, horrible.

But deep down inside, you feel terrible. Would you say; they're horrible. Or avert you eye, So unforgivable.

The doubt inside, so terrible. Why do I feel this way, so horrible. Could I be like them? So... Terribly horrible. Me?