Thoughts and Poems

of Tormod Haugen

#poem #hurt #hope #lonely

Days like these come like tears on a string Lone, all alone one after the other

Days like these are good, bad and worse Found, and lost one way or another

Days like these teach all of us diff'rent Some pain; some somethings to discover

Days like these I cannot see me hurt, all hurt help me

Days like these help us breathe, breath deep In, and out Relax, think, recover


#poem #dikt #norsk #venner

Med slike venner er gjerne skrevet dets mening er ofte stikk imot

Men mine venner er rette sorten de hjelper villig når alt er rot

En ensom lengsel et barn på farten viljen er der de tar seg tid

Med slike venner skal ingen lide jeg håper jeg òg har slikt å gi


#poem #myself #yourself #thoughts

I've always felt like myself, I fit in my body I spend time outside my mind, Because there isn't

I've never felt like a girl, I fit in my body I can't define, and in my mind, There isn't always

I feel like a boy, and I fit in my body Deep and shallow is my mind, But there's still not

I am only me, and me alone, I fit in my body, I've made up my mind, There certainly is

Space inside my mind, That you can be yourself, My experiences define only; Me — and there is space enough for you.



Thoughts are fleeting, words are beating, the day is heating, boss say eyes on monitor.

Outside it's raining, inside you're straining, loudly complaining, deadline's a cruel moniker.

The trees are bowing, the river flowing, darkness is growing, hope is truly no more near.

Then weekend's here, your friends appear, the sky is clear, and the clouds, like tears, disappear


#poem #christmas #kittens

You have decorated your kittens tree. You have kittens.

You have the kittens. You have decoraKITTENS! Kittens. Kittens.

You have decorated your Christmas tree. You have kittens <3


#thoughts #books

Book reviews are

something I don't really read. Or write for that matter. It mostly comes down to the fact that I feel the subjective nature of what one likes or not is... well, subjective.

I do listen to suggestions, either from people whom I know likes books I also like, or suggestions anchored in other books and authors I like.

I usually prefer Fantasy and Science Fiction books, though I would read most anything that doesn't resemble the real world too much. I read to, well. I don't read to escape, but I do... escape is a strong word. I am usually engrossed in the narrative when I read, and content that mirror or describe our world must be a bit up-beat for me not to be affected*.



If I'd written a poem today, With words not even my grandfather'd say. It still wouldn't put you off-kilter; Blocked by a language filter.


#poem #thougts #racism

You see the news, it's terrible, horrible. It gives you the blues, it's terrible, horrible. The racism hurts, it's terrible, horrible. You yell and you curse; it's terrible, horrible.

But they don't attack you, it's still terrible. They look just like you, it's horrible. Bad words were thrown, Almost unforgivable.

You think for yourself, this is terrible, horrible. I admired them so! It's terrible, horrible. But I couldn't do that, it's terrible, horrible! You curse and you bay; it's terrible, horrible.

But deep down inside, you feel terrible. Would you say; they're horrible. Or avert you eye, So unforgivable.

The doubt inside, so terrible. Why do I feel this way, so horrible. Could I be like them? So... Terribly horrible. Me?


#thoughts #multilingual #mastodon #fediverse

I've been

on a mastodon server for ages now, in total at least a week. For all this time I've felt like several people on one instance. Or several personalities, perhaps? It isn't quite right, but it isn't wrong either.

First I joined a big server, but quickly moved—so that doesn't count. My dissociative feeling came from having different—and in some ways discordant objectives here. There. On Mastodon.

My trouble is, or was, related to being multilingual. My native language is Norwegian, and like near 90% of people living in Norway—I know a bit English as well. As a third and fourth I try and learn Welsh for fun, and I really should learn German because of family.


#poem #thoughts #hope

When the hour is at lonely o’clock, and the world is quiet When the last bus has left In the shadows A thought

When the lonely thought rolls through an empty mind When dreary drowsiness threaten Breathe in, and Breathe out

When thoughts that tumble alone appear When darkness brings despair The best of today Remember

Tomorrow will bring moments to turn around Give them a chance and see Smile from a stranger Delight