2021/10/18 As is the way, now that I'm committed to being in another place I find and notice all the very nice things about where I'm at. Today was very nice outdoors and I had a very nice walk. It was incredible really. I found so many lovely garden alleys. I pitied myself for having lived in a place for so long away from such lush beauty. I then reminded myself that there are better places to live that have access to forests and jungles not just postage stamp sized gardens. That doesn't mean they aren't nice but they are somewhat exclusive and they are somewhat cut off from most peoples experience of the city. Only the people that live there actually go through them every day. Tourists on the next street down had no clue what was just out of sight. I felt sorry for them and rushed by, not even glancing down Lombard, but then I went up some steps to another interesting street and to my horror found myself in the middle of the section of Lombard that people gawk at, dodging tourists. I had to admit that it was pretty nice there too.

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