Daily writing practice

Hello everyone! I will not be continuing to post here on due to lack of software updates, concerning outages, and no ability to contact the website maintainer. The export feature is not working so I will probably be switching to another technology. When my new web log is up an running I'll post here (if it still exists) with the URL. Also my contact info is in the link at the top so if you ask me to notify you when the new site is up I will do so.

2022/10/31 #poetry Yes, there seems to be a bit of an issue we can not let you onto your plane we know this is very inconvenient but do try to stay calm and act sane We can't do anything about it it is between you and the state until your papers have been filed you will have to be patient and wait Everyone wants to get where they're going there's no way to delay the flight you will have to find another here are some hotels for tonight We'll happily exchange your ticket as soon as you're allowed to go we wouldn't want to make arrangements until you have documents to show

2022/10/30 #poetry After deep consideration, I feel that the moment has passed. That I will not have the opportunity to live the experience for which I asked. That now that it is over I must make myself anew. That the self that failed to actualize must be bid adieu. Should I take the time to grieve it, or will that interfere with letting go of what is lost but is currently still held so dear? Should I throw myself into new goals or let this stand a while? Becoming comfortable with emptiness while still holding a smile. Are there aspects I can update? Make the old into the new? Should I extract some pieces to keep around after review? Will I end up going in circles if I don't make a clean cut? Am I dooming myself to torture if I don't keep the past book shut? Is it better to drift forward or make a really concrete plan? Will my outcomes be improved if well thought out before began? I could deliberate forever but that is how I got to here so I'm finishing and starting and I want to make it clear that the old that I have finished with and the new that I will start are foundations for my future and will both play a part in all of the decisions that I make forever hence because that is the only way that can make any sense.

2022/10/29 #poetry There is no finish line even if you obtain enough money to retire you find stable fulfillment of your romantic aspirations you create the art that you want you build the family that you like you are well traveled you have respect and are sought out for it you meet your spiritual goals and you have contributed to the aspects of culture that you value you don't just stop you always find other things if you do decide to resign yourself to repose and leisure it would not be for satisfaction of all you could be there is no summit no shrine where you are transformed into a golden statue no return to infancy no end to adventure

2022/10/28 #poetry They aren't intangible for me I can not only feel them, but move them It is easier with tools but I don't need tools I can do it with mind alone Others don't find them intangible either they know that they are there but they think that they are within inaccessible from the outside invisible too and unto oneself that to change them you must address the person I see a field we live in it we change it individuals like small ripples being swung by huge waves there is no inside everything is apparent

2022/10/27 #poetry Almost at the end of my deeply joyful stay I wish it could extend that there would be another day but there are problems too and I want to get away to get settled in the new to find new places to play and to meet some people who can help me disobey the push to toil and spend so we can rise above the fray and hopefully start to mend what is deeply in decay

2022/10/26 #poetry With wonder appeased curiosity quenched interest satisfied what value is there in the internet in fulfilling desires? Full of information but nothing you can touch as a communication tool it is useful if you don't like calling much I don't think that it would be too bad to set it all aside With access to a library you'd hardly miss a stride In all fairness for most it seems to take more than it gives it has become so integral to the way each of us lives Ask your friend to take a break and see how they react some are perfectly comfortable while others feel attacked Perhaps most are asleep using tools without intention it may be hard to awaken them without a jarring intervention

2022/10/25 #poetry Just like the time that we went to the river threw in our childhood attachments teddy bears and blankets picture books and cd's to break free from our pasts ceremonially, using metaphor ridding ourselves of the encumbrances our memories seemed to bear with the aim to live a new life that we had been nurturing inside protecting from ourselves until we had the chance to bury those selves and walk away new to the world

2022/10/24 #poetry Such a nice feeling to be known as a friend to have people help you overcome and contend with simple as well as complex in accord with a genuine goodness we all can afford to show to another really any around what it gives when you give is quite profound

2022/10/23 #poetry You stop noticing the sparkles after a while There are so many, everywhere They aren't important, won't help you or kill you so your brain does what it does best filters them out to help you focus Once in a while though they show up again, when you aren't doing anything important, and dazzle and shimmer showering light in every direction Tiny star bugs brandishing beams they're everywhere It's nice when the world has its sparkle