2021/10/19 #poetry I wonder about what I can't appreciate. Am I missing as much as I imagine others who can't appreciate what I appreciate are missing? I don't like certain forms of entertainment, I'm not skilled in math or physics or other sciences, there are many languages I don't know, most perfumes seem overpoweringly noxious to me, I don't value nationalism or patriotism or where I was educated or carry identification with any other groups or institutions, I have particular tastes in art, fashion, and food. I imagine that those who are missing a sense or ability to move or are illiterate or who have terrible taste or a degenerated palate due to consumption of junk food are missing quite a lot that I enjoy. But I must be missing most of the map of possible human experiences too. After all I only have this one body of a certain stature, sex, age, and network of relationships. I only have the perspective I've gained through my own particular learning and experience. I'm me and I should accept that I'm uncomparable as well as everyone else.

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