2021/10/20 #poetry Just start with a pickle. It is very green. Too green. So green it must be artificially colored. Perhaps its not even a pickle but a plastic pickle. Why do these even exist? I have one. I found it on the street. I like pickles. I thought it could be a nice desk accessory. I took it. I don't think that just because I would rather keep a plastic pickle than let it get washed into a storm drain that they are meaningful or useful items. If I could advise a manufacturer of plastic pickles to stop, I would. If I could do anything at all with the plastic pickle other than store it or display it or throw it in the trash then I would. This isn't a great set of options. The almost unbelievable reality of the pickle, the sheer ridiculousness of it, is what makes it interesting to display. I might have a drawing of mickey mouse on the cross, it could cast other social realities into a similar light. Of course, the drawing would be obviously commentary, while the pickle is only commentary for those in the know. Even those in the know wouldn't necessarily know that I had intended it that way or if I just liked it or if I'd just not noticed that someone else had placed it on my desk. Of course, because it's me and I notice everything that wouldn't be a possibility, but you'd have to know me to know that.

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