2021/10/22 #poetry I saw the funniest thing today. Oh what a joy to perceive. But what was funny as I was there will not be so funny to read. To capture the joy would take skill I don't have. A pity since the joy was a lot. Still, I'll do my best to bring you abreast. You'll make do, it's all that I've got. The puddle was dark, by the side of the path, filled with mud, but fresh from the rain. The Golden Retriever pulled on its leash, the owner, resigned, did not strain. The dog started drinking, tilting its head, to get more water in faster. To get closer still it stepped off the path, despite the protests of its master. I watched as it stood in the puddle, continuing to drink without pause. I balked as it sat with intention, then it lay down ignoring our 'awww's. The owner showed this was expected, she groaned but she took it in stride. The dog kept on lapping and lapping, as much as he could get inside. “He loves the water.” she told me, when I asked if he does this a lot. I wondered why he would get in it, perhaps he was really hot. Then he stood up, belly a sponge, full of mud and other debris. She whined “You're sooo dirrrtyyy” in the most endearing tone and boy did it fill me with glee.

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