2021/5/14 I read today about computers being better at games than people. That pretty much all games have been conquered by AI. singularityhub.com/2019/02/10/what-games-are-humans-still-better-at-than-ai/ newatlas.com/ai-2017-beating-humans-games/52741/ This is false. There are games that AI can not yet play. – Narrative or story games – Games with no wining state such as exploratory games – The Transformation Game – Ouija – Tag, Rabbit on a Hill/Statues, or other physical game that a robot hasn't been specially designed and built for – Most games that haven't had anyone program or train an AI specifically for Some of these require a subjective experience for it to be a “game” at all. A story or explorable landscape can be scraped by a computer but what would that accomplish? AI or a simple program can create explorable landscapes, interesting art or story, and can be used as a tool to make complex and interesting things or to “collaborate” with on making things. Interactive Fiction and its many genres have a great wealth of options for both solo and multi-party play that AI would be practically useless for. Experience over winning/result may be the lesson of the century.

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