2021/5/16 #poetry Take a break A break to think What about? There are many thoughts that have been waiting to be thought more thoroughly. Pick one. Stick with it. How do you know if the thought is the same thought that has transformed as you thought it or a different thought? Sometimes that is obvious, when it isn't compare the thought as it was before to the thought now and notice. How do you know when it is thoroughly and completely thought? It seems time to take action. The line between thought and action is strange. Sometimes thoughts are action instructions, sometimes thoughts are contemplative. Sometimes they bleed together or flow back and forth. Adjusting thinking intentionally while in action is not usually practical. Being aware that you are thinking changes the direction or speed of the thinking. Thinking about the thinking takes more time than is available in many activities that require decisions. After action analysis is the way to adjust thinking patterns for future action.

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