2021/5/21 is a first part of a first draft of something Let's see… There is just one thing that you need to know. Whatever place in heaven or hell that you may find yourself this one thing will keep you free, able to move to where you would go, to change your experience. This is the action of free will, how it operates on a fundamental level. Without conscious understanding of this action it may be called into question whether one has free will or not, for having it and not using it nor knowing how amounts to not having it. The difference is one who does not know can learn. Personally I don't give this thing a name because any name can have other meanings attached to it. A named concept can become distorted by being stuck onto new or different things or be put into a context that doesn't fit. Names also let you argue semantics. We exist insomuch as we experience anything at all. Within that experiencing, for the most part, we have a contrast between self and other, a viewpoint and perspective of separation. Experiences without that separation don't often fit into a narrative and are difficult to attach memories to so they seem ephemeral or incomprehensible from the narrative viewpoint. In my current narrative I experience myself able to think about my thinking. I can think and I can notice thoughts and ideas. Often when I am thinking I do not see the idea or thought as separate from myself. I become the action of thinking that thought and notice only things that result from it or are separate from the identity of me within the perspective of me inside that thought. While I am within the identity perspective of acting as that thought I am limited by it's constraints. In order to change that experience and have different limitations I must change or abandon the thought. Just as when wearing glasses one is not constantly aware of their presence but is always looking through them and therefore seeing everything from the perspective of vision through the glasses, one will be experiencing their experiences through many layers of identity, thoughts, beliefs that color their experience but are not always apparent. These filters can be changed but you can't act on them directly. You can't act much at all. Your thoughts and filters may act like complex programs that carry out activities and act upon your experience but you don't have a steering wheel in this process. You don't actually have control on a large scale level. You only have one way to control anything and that is more basic and it is binary. On or off. That is your power. You can either attend to an experience or attend to something else, be it a thought, feeling, external, or internal situation. *Nothing is also something else

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