2022/3/25 #poetry I'd go and check it out but I'm scared. I heard there was a giant bear. Man eater they say. With a tiger in its mouth. Big one. With poison fangs. The tiger that is. And it can see you from miles away. So it can prepare. Get into a good hiding place. And ambush you. You never see 'em coming. No one's ever seen 'em. And no one's lived to tell about it. That's what they say anyway. I'd go and check it out but I'm scared. I heard that the sea there is treacherous. That it is always churning. Violently. Some say there are whirlpools every 100 feet in every direction. Deep ones. And that the rain falls up there. Out and up from the soupiest thickest cloud that you ever laid eyes on. Sitting right there on the the surface of the water. Would be called fog 'cept the rain comin' out of it makes it a cloud. Can't see more than an inch in front a ya. Can't hear neither. The wind sucks the words right out of your ears. And mouth. Sneaky wind. Spinnin' around and going in every direction. Nothing you can sail with. Tears your cloth to ribbons. Also got told the water is sulphurous. Burns your skin right off. Nothing lives in it. Seizes up your propeller if you bring one. Melts your oars. Smells right awful too. No one who's gone in there makes it back. That's what they say anyway.