2022/9/30 #poetry They talk about their experience Don't you want that too? They expect that you want it but I don't think you do The assumption is so deep that they can't understand and even get angry when you aren't interested in their plan others accept that their path is not for everyone and are matter of fact about their lack of attachment to any outcome if you mention that they are quite trollish, act absurd and anti-social at times that their methods can cause people deep pain and often totally ruin their lives they say that they aren't affected by stories of grief or abuse that what they do has its drawbacks and it is up to each person to choose if they weren't suitably warned that's tragic we could change how we act but you know other people went through that hell and now little things don't bring them so low In my mind this compartmentalization is silly and quite out of place I think that the best way to live changes based on the challenges you face that you won't be able to blindly follow any advice to the letter that if you continue doing things over time almost everything gets better