Daily writing practice

2022/10/22 #poetry I'm not convinced that this will work we put in so much time as yet there is no outcome nothing to grasp with our minds many generations ago when the work began it seemed that it would finish soon that we could all stick to a plan now we go on for we can not not we toil toward the same goal but the longer we work the farther it seems the flow of history is hard to control

2022/10/21 #poetry I tend toward prolix exclamations woe are those in range of my voice There'll be no stopping my explanations on they trail without your choice I have a point and I will make it in a longwinded and roundabout way tangents are fine as long as we loop back and never veer too far astray the time they take is entirely worth it chatting for hours makes life fun more information is always better you'll have it all before I'm done I would go on but brevity is a virtue I do very well know all about that it's not that I value superfluous wording but I just like to keep the whole picture intact I present to you without interpretation every fact that I still know If we don't start by establishing first principals how can we figure out where to go? Every utterance needs definition ambiguity will not stand once we've fully set the stage the show will really be quite grand

2022/10/20 #poetry Deep breaths to calm deep breaths to energize deep breaths to focus deep breaths to relax a recipe for taking charge

Rapid shallow breaths to increase emotion presurize it move into it a recipe for movement

2022/10/19 #poetry Enough is not enough You can tell because of how much is taken even when it should be enough or when it is at the point that was originally designated as enough The scale seems to shrink as we go along where once we saw a large distant goal it is now where we are we feel the same comfortable or un and the work to attain it is done and new horizons can be glimpsed so toward them we progress bouied up by our success Should we stop for others sake? Opportunity is ours it seems like such a waste to ignore rewards like these beyond what previously were our wildest dreams

2022/10/18 #poetry Here in a box I play with words. We call it a room because it is big. How does your box contain your life? Is it brimming or sparse? Well planned or a jumble? Neat or a mess? Well appointed or paltry? Does it delight or is it a blight? Life can change so keep lifted your chin. if you're so inspired now's the time to begin.

2022/10/17 #poetry Shopping really is addictive it really is it's true I'm not so into buying things though I just like to place in my cart and go, I'm through Comparing all the options gaining knowlege of what is good I start out thinking I need to buy something but by the end I don't know if I should It helps me not waste money but it certainly wastes my time instead of uncompleted shopping I could be out somewhere committing crime

2022/10/16 #poetry So, I should put my laundry away it'll give me more space to play but it takes time out of my day 'n it's more convenient for it to stay so I might just leave it that way but my conscience says nay, that a bad habit I say so I relent with yeah, OK and fold it up for display

2022/10/15 #poetry Very many things that we must count to understand why life is good or we can feel it just how it is without rationalization certainly without judgment of sensation taking each instant in without holding breathing each moment out awaiting more

2022/10/14 #poetry Eyes that look like they could see through walls the intensity comes from contrast substance and emptiness

Carrying them is a person more than just eyes but the eyes are what hits you

It is hard to shake such a departure from the every-day and with beauty well beyond mere novelty

2022/10/13 #poetry It didn't rain there were no clouds the sun was rather bright so I'm struggling to comprehend what I'm feeling isn't right since the weather was nice it couldn't be that so maybe it was my clothes but they look clean and smell nice too not them either I suppose could it be that my nose is very slightly stuffed? but that is something I would feel and I've checked it quite enough My shoes aren't a pain My ride was smooth The chair I'm in is fine I'm not hungry yet there's no reason to fret everything seems in line whatever it is will probably fade away all on it's own I have nothing to point my finger at nothing to bemoan Did I leave the oven on? That would be a major concern but it's so far away all I can do is pray that nothing ends up burned