All types are problematic

I have written about how I successfully reduced viewing video porn. The truth is it seems I didn't know what I was doing.

I have changed what I use, yes. But it is not as important as I had thought.

TLDR: Anything you might question as porn or not is porn. And stay from it. You know deep down whether it will helpful to continue using it become the person you want to be.

I do watch video porn much less than I used to. I have also massively reduced using real people for masturbation. But other than feeling less guilty sometimes after masturbation. I don't think it changed things much for me.

Whatever type of sexual media it is, it is porn for me. Yes all of them are porn. Erotica may seem harmless but I think it is the worst. Here are some things that different types did for me.

Straight video porn. It just made me very numb. Repress my emotions. It also made me slightly misogynistic.

Hentai/ doujinshi – Too many weird things. And I think it made me dislike real people. I haven't really used it that much or I don't know what else changed yet. I think I got ntr, at start from here.

Pornhwas – In almost every fucking one, the protagonist is a creep or a rapist. It just trivializes it. That study about people reducing sentencing comes to mind. At first I used to close those ones but now it has become normal that I just read other language versions to not understand it.

Porn games – They make you disinterested in real people. Many games are creepy, manipulative, etc. They are too long too.

Erotica – It just makes you more and more weird. I don't want to even talk about it. This is the worst. It makes me question who I am, what I am. And for the wrong reasons. It has warped my ethics. It makes me question my sexuality, manliness(I never thought I would type this out), etc. It just exacerbates everything.

What I want to say is that. Although I can say to myself that I have reduced contributing to the industry. The truth is I am just contributing to different part of the same thing.

Sure yes, I am reduced my demand by almost 50 percent to video porn. But it is not enough. And I have increased my demands to other types. I am saying video count, ads, etc. Not paying.

So, if you feel like you are special. You can overcome porn in a different way, etc. I urge you to stop looking for ways, things to replace porn with. Just as easy it is to say and not do it, I will still say. For us addicts, abstinence/ recovery is the goal.

Because, at the end of the day, for addicts the desensitization will eventually lead back to where you start or an even worser place.

There is no good porn for addicts. Only no porn.

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