Blocklist October 2022

I have been having a lot of problems with blocking sexual media(porn). Normal links get blocked. Maybe I put too many strict filters. It has started getting somewhat troublesome to use for me. It can be worth it for you.

I would suggest you to create a block list on your own. This has the least chance of breaking other sites.

Still, if you want the easy way of trying, I have found two amazing block lists. These were created by forum members in NoFap website.

These are for cold turkey. I am not sure how it works with other blocking software.


There are two block list files that are very useful.

P- Addiction! websites.txt Restricted permanent reddit websites.txt

These two block lists are very strong. The second one is to block almost all porn related subs in Reddit.

You can download it from that link, but you need an account. But I have also added it here. I would suggest you to download the reddit one from here. Because I have formatted it for Cold Turkey Blocker here.

(Reddit Block list)[]

(General Block list)[]

Password: antiporn All letters in lower case. No spaces.

For all the files same password. I don't know why I am setting password either. I think I don't want the situation of PasteBin happening again.

There is also my latest personal list. But I don't think that can replace the above two. But it can add a few more websites.

(My blocklist October 2022)[]

So, the lists above contain more than seven thousand filters. My list contains 540. So, in total it would be 7650+ filters.

My previous block list (June)[] contains more than my current one. I think it was mainly done to relax getting random websites from not being blocked.

Of course it doesn't guarantee in anyway that you will never see any sexual media. But it is pretty exhaustive.

I am not sure where I am going. But I do think I have to go to therapy or something. I hope it helps you guys.