Triggers and solutions

I already wrote about triggers once. This time I am going to write a detailed personal triggers.

HALT(Hungry Angry Lonely Tired), BLAST(Bored Lonely Angry Stressed Tired). These are great. Adding hunger to BLAST will actually have most of the triggers.

Still there are some triggers that are worth mentioning and finding solutions.

T: Very early morning and you don't know what to do and have no plan, etc. S: Plan for the next day daily.

T: Very late at night and don't know what to do. S: Having minimum goals for a day and resting after completing them.

T: Wanting to sleep but can't sleep. S: Get better sleep habits, Planning better sleep.

T: Watching PMOing to feel tired so that I can sleep. S: I can exercise/stretch/read a difficult book to get same result.

T: Feeling the urge to pee, but you mistakenly think it was a boner. S: Basically delink the two things. So, whenever you feel it go to toilet. Without any device.

T: Feeling so happy that you want to do something, but you have trained yourself to engage only in porn. S: Call your friends or family. Even do something abnormal like posting on internet in a random account or something.

T: Feeling very nervous about the next day due to some reason. S: World will not end. Opportunities are like buses there will always be one around. It may not be the same nevertheless you will go to your destination or close to it.

T: Trying to watch porn for the first time in new device/technology. S: This is also like a stupid idea. It is related to thinking of porn as a pleasure. I mean honestly high quality big budget movies, renders, should be bookmarked. Maybe be more into beautiful things like wallpapers, videos, art, etc.

T: Being bored. It happens too. Like I am bored of everything and porn seems to be the only thing to bring back. S: Accept boredom, meditate, etc. Not sure how to go about it. Get non internet hobbies.

T: Testing blockers. S: Don't. It is a stupid idea. Never do it. It is pointless. You will never find all the sites or searches that lead to porn. You are not helping your future, etc.

T: Testing whether my dick works. S: It works. No need to test it with or without porn.

T: Frustration, when things in life don't go the way I want it to. S: Exercise, journaling, meditation, etc.

T: High stress S: Meditation, Music, Journaling, Talking to someone.

T: Having a locked down room and privacy S: Always try to have your room somewhat open. If nothing works remove the lock.

T: Being alone in house: S: When there is no one in the house,

T: Having no idea on what to do in life S: Plan realistically, expect some failure, Have realistic goals, one by one you can achieve.

Internet addiction. Get non internet hobbies. Making your environment work for you.