I am making a radical decision

All kinds of porn is still porn. If you have to ask, then it is probably porn. There are lots of things with non video porn(non real people) too.

It still leads to escalation, craving, etc. In my opinion it still retains your brain in a porn addicted mind. Just that for now you can use substitutes.

See this

I am going to stop classifying much about types of porn, etc. I think it is enough for excuses.

I am going to uninstall my free vpn, some browsers, etc. There is actually no need for that much compartmentalization or privacy. I don't need four browsers in my phone. In fact I don't actually need a browser. I can just delay searching unless required.

I am going to follow all the good things I have learnt from nosurf, loverafterporn, pornfree together.

Offline first approach. It is easy to get stuck in the online world. But like that amazing post. Curate and then download. And only consume those. Because if I always go online I get overloaded and it leads to indecision.