You need to take it seriously and at the same time not focus on it too much

I know this sounds like click bait. But what purpose do I have to create click bait. I am not going to get views, credentials or money.

Porn addiction may seem mild to say alcohol, drugs, etc. So I tend to think it is not that big of a deal. It may also seem like everyone uses porn, so even if you use it more it won't seem that bad. It may depend on where you live too I guess.

But at the same time we should not make porn addiction or recovery our main focus. I am not sure about medical programs, retreats, etc. I am just saying this for somewhat serious addicts not very serious addicts.

Focusing on not doing something is bad, we know from our experiences. Similarly focus should be on the betterment of life. Like habits, goals, etc you want to have, achieve.