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Another one that is currently strong is burning electric blood. They seem to have both an actual outer odor and an internal aspect to them.

I've noticed that times or eras have a disincentive scent or scents. Currently there are a few. Right now as I write there is the brown sugar, cardboard, dental office smell. It trades off for a sewage line, broccoli, digestive odor that arises in the late morning. There is one more current odor that I can't remember at this moment.

Getting ready for a long medical day. Delayed care bleeding into the months out appointments. A nerve wracking situation.


Unraveling and smoothing out the pain and suffering. Listening and stilling the breath.

As for the question, “Who am I?” the Buddha included it in a list of dead-end questions that lead to “a thicket of views, a wilderness of views, a contortion, a writhing, a fetter of views. Bound by a fetter of views, [you] don’t gain freedom from birth, aging, and death, from sorrow, lamentation, pain, distress, or despair.” In other words, any attempt to answer either of these questions is unskillful karma, blocking the path to true freedom. - Thanissaro Bhikkhu

It's over two years into this pandemic and I'm fortunate enough not to have been infected. The lockdown and distancing has not left me unscathed however. I have been ill enough during this time to where I've needed to come to terms with death.

I am only just emerging from the stupor of pandemic delayed healthcare. I'm well into the process of receiving care and figuring all the mystery symptoms out, but I don't want to forget all that has happened and all I've learned over this time. So much food for thought and learning.

The foggy mindedness is lifting and I'm noticing that I've learned and adapted and implemented some good practices and embarked on some healthy directions. I don't want to lose the focus, momentum, or insight.


Response to symptoms



If you work in congress, please show this to your boss.

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