Fantasy is Bad

I am using a software called cold turkey blocker for Windows.


I may not magically change today. Today may not be any different than yesterday for that matter. But something will change from today. I am going to fight for myself.


I thought by freeing myself of the burdens of thinking about porn and its effects on society. I would be able to self heal myself. Maybe I need more time. I don't really know. I know I need therapy. I am using some therapy like apps on my phone.

Anyway I went over and realized that my addiction got worse after forgetting about all these things. I mean I guess I sort of did the whole I don't have an addiction route again.

So now I am back. I think why bother to leave something that worked. I mean if I become judgmental or moral. It doesn't mean much. I already know what is going to happen. I would rather become judgmental and do moral policing than go to another length of depravity in porn addiction.


There are certain things that might feel good to do. It might even be something that you are doing to make the world a better place, etc. But if those things make it difficult to better yourself, What would you do?


I think it is good that I am trying to recover. I have always tried even if I have failed a lot of times. I am proud of not giving up. Renaming things can make it much better. Instead of no Porn, I could rename it as Self Love, Self care, etc. Because it is gives positive feelings. And a better mindset. It makes you see yourself as not just as an addict. But also more human.

It can also spill out the reality. It is good for you






Morality, Truth can do a lot but not enough if it doesn't affect me much it seems. Data is impartial. Taking it seriously. Regret is useless. #nsfw


Whether you like it or not, pornography has been a driving force of technology. So, you need to be extremely careful of using the latest of technologies and getting addicted to the latest porn trends. Ex: VR porn. I think it will become a lot big in the future.

  • How amazing would it be to not be dependent on porn to satisfy ourselves?
  • How great would it be to be truly grow as a person and not think of fucking every type of girl, etc? (Maybe this is just me)
  • How phenomenal it would be to not support this terrible industry?
  • How would a world be where sex positivity does not mean porn?
  • How would it be if people don't conflate porn with masturbation?
  • No one needs to do degrading acts in any form to earn money for their survival?
  • People are given more faith rather than depend on porn to control their rapist tendencies(I am not joking, I have seen so many people in internet believe this. I also believed it. Of course, it was not directly said men were the problem most of the time.)

It would be amazing if you can just click the OFF switch in your brain and you can stop watching pornography from that moment. Not be addicted to it. Evaluate your porn created ideas about sex, love, relationships, etc. Unlearn your porn induced biases.